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The Council for ICFAI University MBA Graduates is set up solely for professional purposes and not for the purposes of profit, the Society seeks:

  • To Organize, develop and regulate the MBA graduates on sound professional practices and an accepted code of professional ethics.

  • To work in close liaison with the Icfai University.

  • To promote research in Management and allied branches and to create, develop and disseminate the knowledge.

  • To promote cooperation, collaboration and networking amongst members of the Society and other academic bodies/organizations engaged in research, teaching and consulting in management.

  • To function as a alumni forum for the members of the Society for exchange of experience, information and views.

  • To assist the current students of the Icfai University their academic pursuits and professional careers.

  • To cooperate with other similar societies in any part of the world having objectives as similar to the objectives of the Society in such a manner may be conducive to their common objects.

  • To amalgamate or be amalgamated with any institution having similar objects.

  • To Grant financial assistance including scholarships, loans, prizes or awards to students and members, in each case as the Board may deem fit.

  • To donate or to grant financial assistance to any other societies, Associations or institutions having the similar objects.

  • To conduct and sponsor seminars, conferences, and executive development programs, research studies, publications and consultancy work aimed at creating and disseminating knowledge and improving professional practice in the area of Management.


The Council of ICFAI University MBA Graduates. All rights reserved.